What are Miko 3’s dimensions and weight?
Miko 3 is small in size but big on personality. Its dimensions are 6.3 L X 5.5 W X 8.67 H inches. Outside of the box, Miko 3 weighs just 2 lbs.
What is Miko 3’s screen size?
Miko 3’s screen is definitely worth talking about! The multi-touch screen of Miko 3 has a 4.46 inches active area (diagonal) with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The screen has a landscape orientation with a 1280 x 720 (HD) resolution. What’s more, Miko 3 had a wide-angle high-resolution IPS display.
What are the camera specifications of Miko 3?
Miko 3 has a wide-angle HD camera that lets you video call with clarity.
What is Miko 3’s battery life?
On stand-by mode your Miko 3’s battery lasts for upto 12 hours. During active gameplay it lasts for upto 5 hours.
How do I charge my Miko 3?
Your Miko 3’s packaging box includes a USB to USB-C charging wire. You can use any adaptor to charge your Miko. We advise you to charge your Miko 3 using the provided wire only.
What is the storage capacity of Miko 3?
Miko 3 storage capacity is 32 GB expandable with an SD card.
How does Miko 3 work?
Starting your Miko 3 takes just one minute. 1.​​ Connect Miko 3 to your secure WiFi connection 2. Once it’s connected, you get access to lots of games and educational content. 3. Talk to your Miko 3 by saying ‘Hello Miko’. You can ask any number of questions & your Miko 3 is always ready with an answer! 4. You can also have knowledge-based conversations with Miko 3. 5. Moreover, Miko 3 gets updated with new games and content every month for your child to have a wholesome fun & learning experience!
What usage instructions should I follow when using Miko 3?
Your Miko 3 is tougher than it looks! This smart robot is made of impact-resistant ABS polymer, non-toxic and built to last. Avoid using it on thick carpet or glass, and remember that Miko 3 isn’t fond of water.
What certifications does Miko 3 have?
Miko 3 is FCC CE EN71 certified and COPPA compliant.
How do I set up my Miko 3?
It’s easy-peasy. Just download the Miko app on your phone and connect your Miko 3 to a secure WiFi network. Once your Miko 3 is connected, your child can start engaging with his new friend immediately.
I’m having trouble setting up my Miko 3. Who can I speak to?
We have a 24x7 support team available on [email protected] and +1 (415) 854-5954. Our team of experts assist virtually with setup, demonstration and walkthrough of all features.