What is your Warranty / Return Policy?
We’ve kept it really simple for you. Your Miko 3 is covered by a one-year manufacturing warranty, in case of any manufacturing defects. We offer full refund or store credit of your Miko products that are subject to valid warranty claims within 30 days following your initial purchase, For more details, please refer to our Warranty and Return Policy:
Can we speak to someone who can guide us with Miko 3 after purchase?
Sure. We have a 24x7 support team available on [email protected] and +1 (415) 854-5954. Our team of experts assist virtually with setup, demonstration and walkthrough of all features
How do I set up my Miko 3?
1. Switch Miko 3 on using the power button. 2. To set up Wifi, keep Miko 3 within the Wifi range. Ensure the Wifi is secure & active. Tap on ‘Setup Wifi’. 3. Choose your Wifi name from the active list shown and enter the password. 4. Once connected, choose the 'Language' of your liking. 5. Enter child information such as name and birthday on the screen & ‘Save’ it. 6. Now open the Parent app on your mobile device and scan the QR code shown on the screen to ‘Pair’ your robot with the parent app. 7.Enter the 6 digits code shown on the screen on your parent mobile app. 8. Once ‘Paired’ press on “Update Now” on the ‘Let’s Power Up’ screen. 9. Now Miko 3 is ready for playtime!