Miko Max

What is Miko Max?
Miko Max is a premium offering by Miko for unlimited playful learning on Miko 3. It provides unlimited access to premium content from some of the world’s best children’s content onto a single platform. The new premium content partners include Lingokids, Da Vinci Kids, Cosmic Kids, KidloLand, Tiny Tusks, Oxford University Press and Out of this Word. Together, these partnerships bring more than 50,000 hours of new content experiences, 1,000+ experience types — games, puzzles, TV shows, coding lessons, yoga and more — and covers a range of STEAM topics.
What additional benefits do I get with Miko Max?
Apart from premium content, you will be able to unleash your Miko 3’s unique capabilities by getting unlimited access to Miko’s multilingual capabilities. Additionally, you will also get a one-year extended warranty for a worry free playtime.
How much does a Miko Max subscription cost?
Miko Max subscription is priced at €49 for 3 months, or €99 for a full year.
When does my Miko Max subscription start if I purchase it with Miko 3?
Be rest assured that the plan’s duration will only start after Miko 3’s delivery, when you first connect your Miko 3 with the Parent App.
Can I buy Miko Max at a later time?
You have the option of purchasing Miko Max directly at the time of purchase of your Miko 3 and enjoy benefits like unlimited access to premium content, extended warranty and much more. You may even purchase the subscription at a later stage using the Parent App.
Does the Miko Max subscription auto-renew?
The plan does not get renewed unless you want it to. You can renew it anytime from the Parent app at a later stage.
Can I buy a customised plan which includes selected apps only?
To bring maximum value to you, we have consolidated all the premium apps under one umbrella. Hence, currently we don't have the option to customize the plan.
What apps does Miko Max include?
Miko Max is your gateway to unlimited premium kids content from world-renowned children's apps like Lingokids, Da Vinci Kids, Cosmic Kids, KidloLand, Tiny Tusks, Oxford University Press and Out of this Word.
Will new benefits and features be added to Miko Max?
Miko Max is ever-growing! Every month new content, features & benefits are added to give Max users a wholesome educational & fun experience!
How can my child learn Coding on Miko 3?
Miko 3 brings a playful learning experience to your child through Kidloland. This Google Award-winning coding app is available on Miko Max, using which your child can discover the world of coding, explore 100s of captivating stories, mind-boggling games, activities, and bring pictures to life. Kidloland was created by IZD digital, a COPA-certified kids-safe content creator.
How can my child learn Yoga on Miko 3?
The Cosmic Kids app on Miko Max can teach your child the benefits of Yoga and even turn it into a fun family activity. This health and wellness app takes kids on yoga, mindfulness and meditation adventures through live-action instruction and animated episodes.
How can my child become more conscious about protecting our planet?
The Tiny Tusks app on Miko Max, is an elephant-based series that teaches kids about environmental issues like climate change and ocean pollution—as it inspires kids to become planet protectors.
How can I strengthen my child’s word-power and reading skills?
Your child can access the world-renowned Oxford University Press’s Junior Illustrated Dictionary, Junior Thesaurus, Primary Illustrated Dictionary and Primary Thesaurus on Miko Max via voice activated queries.