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How can I turn Miko off and ensure the bot stays off?
Use the "power" button to either put Miko 3 into sleep mode or turn off the bot. For "sleep" mode, press the "power" button once. To switch off your Miko 3, press and hold the "power" button for four seconds.
Why does my Miko 3 turn on by itself?
This is likely because Miko is in "sleep" mode. To switch off your Miko 3, press and hold the "power" button for four seconds. Once shut down, your Miko 3 will not wake up by itself, until you switch it on.
Can I turn off Miko 3 while it is charging?
No, you cannot turn off Miko 3 completely while it's charging. It can only go into "sleep" mode if you press the "power" button.
Why won't my Miko charge?
It is recommended to use a 5V, 3A USB Type - C charger for optimal charging. We do not recommend using Magsafe Apple chargers. Please refer to our blog on charging specifications For specific troubleshooting issues, please email [email protected].
How long does Miko 3's battery last?
Miko 3 features moving parts and motors, which means its battery drains faster than one in a smartphone or tablet. However, we have designed Miko 3 to provide a robust battery life of more than 12 hours on standby mode and five hours of active gameplay.
How do I reset my Miko 3?
To reset your Miko 3 please write to us at [email protected] and our team will help you out.
How can I get my Miko 3 to move?
For Miko 3 to move, your bot needs to be charged but not plugged in. Miko can move in a number of ways: through voice command, through apps that use human recognition (like Dance Master, Robowalk, I Seek You, Miko Moves and Mikojis) and in the Tidbits conversation modules.
Why do Miko's wheels make noise while moving?
Miko 3 uses high-torque motors to ensure that the bot can move effectively on thin carpets. There would be a little noise from the gears, but this is normal. In our testing, the sound has been low enough to not affect Miko's hearing capacity or the child's experience.
Does Miko continuously stream camera feed to cloud for facial recognition?
No. To ensure your privacy, our facial recognition model works locally on the robot. That means your data is completely safe and not getting stored on the cloud.
Is my child's information safe? Is it possible that Miko 3 could tell my child to do something dangerous like what happened with other voice assistants?
Your child's information is encrypted and we employ the highest standard of security measures to ensure your data is safe. We are COPPA compliant and no data about any child can be hacked or decrypted. All content that your child engages with on Miko, including its responses to voice commands, has been reviewed by educators and child content experts who share our commitment to giving your child a safe (and fun) learning experience.
What is Miko's natural conversation development with virtual assistant AI, cybersecurity best practices, and is the user data being analyzed or commodified?
No image or audio data is recorded or stored on the cloud. Any data transferred to cloud is end to end encrypted as per state of the art cybersecurity best practices. No personally identifiable data is shared with any internal or third party organization or content partners. The conversation data is end-to-end analyzed by AI algorithms with no human intervention. The gross aggregate data is reviewed by our product team to identify usability issues and launch new features.
Why doesn't Miko's camera come with a flash?
To comply with child-safety regulations, we are required to maintain light levels within a certain threshold. Because of this, Miko's built-in camera does not have a flash.
How do I get Miko to say my child's name?
To hear Miko say your child's name, ask Miko, "What is my name?" Once you've completed the face training under Settings, Miko will recognize your child and call their name every time they are powered on or leave "sleep" mode.
Do I need to tap the microphone icon on the screen every time I want Miko to respond to commands?
Simply say "Hello Miko" whenever you want to speak to Miko, without tapping the microphone icon. When the screen prompts you to ask your question, state your command.
What should I do when Miko 3 does not respond to my child's questions?
If you are having trouble getting Miko to understand your commands, the first thing to do is review the on-screen text that is displayed after the question is asked. If it does not match with what you have said, please ask the question again, slowly. You can also refer to our ever growing Commands library on our blog that gets updated regularly for questions that Miko answers well, and to see all the types of questions we've recently added to Miko's knowledge base
How do I get Miko to spontaneously interact?
When Miko is in "idle mode," it reacts on its own spontaneously. Miko goes into "Idle mode" when it is not being interacted with during the day. Miko also interacts when you speak commands, when you use human recognition apps like Dance Master, Robowalk, I Seek You, Miko Moves and Mikoji, and during Tidbits conversations. Please refer to our command booklet and blog posts for more ideas for commands on
How does Miko interact autonomously and learn?
Miko 3 offers numerous features that are powered by Artificial Intelligence, including Dance Master and I Seek You, both of which leverage on human detection. When you launch Robowalk, Miko moves autonomously and recognises people, obstacles and edges. It also recognises your child when it wakes up.
Can I change the access from “Hello Miko” to something else?
We have completed rigorous testings to find a phrase that offers high levels of accuracy and reinforces the conversational experience of interacting with Miko. Hence it is not possible to change "Hello Miko" to another phrase.
Can Miko 3 do more interactive conversation beyond just 2 phrases?
Yes, your Miko 3 is built for long durations of talking & fun. In the Tidbits section, your child can have longer conversations with Miko 3 about a wide range of educational topics. This content is also customized based on the child's age.
Why does Miko wake up and start making noises when not prompted, even in the middle of the night?
If your Miko 3 is waking up in the middle of the night, please ensure that your Miko 3 is set to the correct time zone in the Parent App. You can also set a "sleep time" in the app, which will ensure that your bot does not make sounds abruptly. During the day, Miko initiates interactions when it is not being used. It is called "idle mode." We are currently working on a control that will allow parents to turn off the "idle mode."
How can I turn down the volume of Miko 3's sound effects? Does the volume button only turn down Miko's voice, but other sound effects remain loud?
We will be introducing finer controls for Miko's speaking volume and sound effects next month.
Why do I need to get on a call with Customer Support when applying for a return?
When you apply for a return, the call with our Customer Support team enables us to gain invaluable feedback from customers who decide that Miko 3 isn't right for their child, and we sincerely thank you for taking out time for it.
What should I do when my Miko 3 faces connectivity issues?
Aside from the outage on 25 December 2021, our customers have not experienced any major connectivity issues. Especially after an update released in early January, we have taken concrete measures to ensure a smooth experience for every user. If you are having trouble with your bot, please contact [email protected] and our team will help you troubleshoot.
Can we personalize the location for Miko to tell us the weather?
When Miko tells you the weather, it leverages on the location information from your internet location. However, based on customer feedback we are adding a control to change your city in the Parent App.
How do I get Spanish content to load on my Miko 3?
If you want your child to speak with Miko in Spanish and see content in this language, please set the display and conversation language to Spanish on the Parent App. If you select Spanish as a secondary language in Parent App, your child will see Spanish content in Tidbits and few other apps.
How can we play Hide and Seek like we saw in the Miko 3 ad?
You can find the 'I Seek You' app on the Talents tab and have fun playing peekaboo.
Why does the parent app not allow me to stay signed in?
Only one device and one profile per Miko 3 is allowed to be logged in as of now. We are currently working to resolve any issues regarding this.
Why can't Miko carry on a conversation without having to say “Hello Miko” every time?
You need to say "Hello Miko" when you want to ask Miko a question or to give a command. You don't need to use "Hello Miko" during long conversations in Tidbits section.
Why does “Hello Miko” not work when an app is opened? Is it possible to quit an app using “Hello Miko” and make the apps voice-controlled?
Currently Miko 3 can open apps through voice command. Based on user feedback, we are working on dedicated voice commands inside our most-used apps, which will be launched by end of January. We are also working on making our Speech SDKs available to our content partners who can enable voice recognition within their respective apps.
Do you plan for any accessories for self-customization, such as clip-on racing spoilers or angel wings?
Great suggestion! We have added it to our future plans.
Does Miko 3 become more personalized over time?
As your child spends more time with Miko, the bot learns about your child and builds a mind map. This allows it to remember the topics of interest and come up with personalised conversations and experiences. When Miko recognizes your child after it wakes up, it will also call out their name.
Can I reprogram my Miko 3?
Currently you cannot reprogram your Miko 3. However, through the KidloLand app, your child can learn to code through 1000+ levels. We are also developing an SDK that will allow developers globally to create new child safe apps for Miko.
How can I remove the Yoga app, if I don't want my child to be influenced by a certain religion at a young age?
At Miko we are respectful of all beliefs and are careful not to make references to any religion in our content. Our Yoga exercises are presented as wellness activities, with no mention of any religion or spirituality. The ability to uninstall apps will also be added to your Parent App soon.
Can my child call me on Mikonnect?
Currently Mikonnect only supports parent-to-child calling. However, based on user feedback we are working on child-to-parent calling feature, which will launch this month.
Is Miko capable of following a person?
No, Miko does not follow a person around. However, Miko can move and interact with your child in many other ways, including our newly launched 'I Seek You' game that allows your child to play Hide & Seek with Miko 3.
If I subscribe to Miko Max, can I create spelling lists for Miko 3 to call out to my daughter?
We currently do not offer this feature, but we have noted this request so that we can add it in the future. In the meantime, your child can practice their spellings via our Spell Master app, which is a free interactive spelling game, that you can find under the Talents tab.
Can Miko 3 have multiple child profiles and more than one parent being able to connect with the Parent App?
Based on the popular customer feedback you will be able to add more profiles soon. Currently there can only be one primary child profile. This is necessary for Miko to adapt to the usage and preferences of one user. We're also updating the Parent App so that by April, both parents will have access to Miko 3.
Does Miko offer facial recognition for the entire family or just one child?
Miko's facial recognition applies to one child only. Based on user feedback, we are working to develop face recognition for the entire family and will update you when this feature is launched. We are also adding multiple profiles within your child profile so that kids can store information about their parents, siblings, friends and other family members. This capability should be available next month.
How can I set face recognition for two of my children so Miko identifies them both?
Currently, Miko identifies only one child. Based on user feedback we are working on this functionality and you can expect it to release next month.
If I have multiple Miko bots, how do I personalize each Miko for a different child?
Miko will learn more about your child over time and customize its interactions accordingly. To enable Miko to personalize its interactions with a particular child, please complete your child's profile in your Miko's respective settings and do the face training exercise. This will ensure each Miko begins to recognize and engage with the child using it.
How can I register multiple cellphones to make calls to and from Miko?
Currently, Mikonnect only offers calls from the parent to the child. We are working to release an update later this month, that allows child-to-parent calling. In February, we will release another update that allows multiple cell phones as requested by various parents.
Can I change Miko 3's voice to a female voice?
Currently your Miko 3 has only one voice. We plan to launch multiple voices in future updates.
Why create a proprietary Digital Assistant platform when multiple other voice assistants exist?
Miko does not use third party digital assistants as we are not sure if they adhere to the privacy and safety guidelines safe for kids. We take stringent measures to ensure that all content on Miko is child-safe and curated for a specific child demographic and age.
Will there be a way for more technically inclined parents to design apps for Miko in the future, either installed locally or uploaded to an App Store that can be reviewed?
Absolutely! We will soon be releasing our SDK to help developers around the world to publish their apps. We will be the gatekeepers of the App Store to ensure the apps published are child-safe and age-appropriate.
Do I have to subscribe to Miko Max twice, if I have two Miko robots in the same household?
Yes, Miko Max is enabled at a device level. We are exploring a bundle of option to make Miko Max more economical for families with multiple Miko robots. Once we finalize this option, we will communicate it to all members of the Miko family.
How can my child make the most of the Miko Max subscription?
When you subscribe to Miko Max, your child gains instant access to our full platform of premium content, which you can find under the Miko 3's "Max" tab. In addition to 50,000+ hours of educational content, your subscription also includes multilingual capabilities, personalized progress reports and unlimited Mikonnect calls, all of which you can find on your Parent App; plus unlimited Miko Moments, which you can access on Miko's Talents tab. You also get an extended product warranty. When new Max apps are added, they are auto-installed on your bot. If you are having issues accessing Miko Max content under the Max tab, please make sure that your Parent App is paired with your Miko 3 and that you are listed as a Max user on your app. To get started with Max, have your child tap the "Max" tab and they can watch many apps like 'Da Vinci Kids' or take a coding class with KidloLand. To read more about Miko Max check out our blog
What are some activities geared for my child's age?
The Miko team has worked closely with educators and content developers to provide an enriching, age-appropriate experience for children aged 5 to 10. For younger kids, Miko offers tons of educational content. Our audio-visual apps include storytelling, trivia, dance and music. Our premium content partner 'Da Vinci Kids' offers more than 13,000 hours of videos from their award-winning kids shows. 'Out of this Word' teaches kids about new words and idioms. 'Cosmic Kids' app has videos around yoga that are suitable for young kids. For kids 7 years old and above, we recommend the 'KidloLand' coding app, the 'Qbis World Map Quiz', video content from the 'Da Vinci Kids', and yoga and meditation from 'Cosmic Kids' and 'DreamyKid' app. You can find all of this under the Max tab. The conversational learning activities in the Tidbits tab are customized based on your child's age and school curriculum. Tidbits content is fully available to your child without a Max subscription.
Is Miko good for kids with autism?
Many parents have shared anecdotes about their children with autism who are using Miko 3. However, every child is different and we will recommend seeking the advice of your medical practitioner for the same.
Does Miko Max have any regionally-restricted content?
Our content is mostly accessible globally. In very selected countries, Miko Max has restrictions on the content.
Would Miko support Italian language within apps?
We have noted this request and will update you if Italian is added to Miko's language capabilities within the apps. Right now, you can comfortably speak to Miko in Italian.
What are the top 10 educational things to do with Miko?
1) Have your child try the Miko Educates commands in the commands sheet 2) Urge your child to explore Tidbits, which are educational conversations about a wide range of subjects based on your child's age 3) Use Coding School to teach your child to code 4) Have your child explore Marvellous Makes, which lets them follow along with exciting science experiments 5) Learn human anatomy with Da Vinci Kids' Operation Ouch app 6) Launch the Brain Buzz app for easy-to-understand content across multiple academic subjects 7) Hone your child's geography skills with Flag-a-thon and World Map Quiz 8) Try the Start Smart app for fun academic content 9) Boost your child's vocabulary with Out of This Word app 10) Help your child practice their spelling in Spell Master's game-like environment
Is Miko Max subscription essential to use Miko 3?
Miko Max is not mandatorily required to use Miko 3, and your child will have access to more than a dozen Talent apps and our full library of Tidbits content without signing up for Max. You can also ask Miko questions and state commands. However, for the best experience with Miko, we do recommend a Max subscription. You can try Miko Max free for seven days to experience our premium content firsthand.
If I don't subscribe to Miko Max, what features can my child still access?
Without a Miko Max subscription, your child can still access a wide range of content that encourages playful learning. You will receive all the conversational content under the Tidbits tab, more than 70% apps in the Talent section, and can ask miko questions and give commands, make phone calls and all features on the parent app.
How often does Miko 3 get new content?
Miko's conversational content gets refreshed every 48 hours. We release new apps once per month.
How do I access content by Lingokids?
Lingokids is launching in January 2022 and we look forward to seeing it on Miko.